Our parent coaching program is tailored for families with children between the ages of 3-16. Facilitated in a 1:1 virtual, in-office, or in-home environment we utilize evidence-based holistic practices to help with behavioral challenges including ADHD, temper tantrums, and teenage rebellion.

Your first visit will include goal setting that identifies the strengths of your family and helps them maintain their successes as the children and family age and mature. We work with the primary caregivers for the first 5-6 visits, learning techniques and changes that can be made in home to support the development of your children. We then expand to include the whole family placing these techniques into action. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale depending on annual income and number of people in the household and can range from $25-$105 per session.

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Interested in Community Classes or Professional Development?

Our educators are trained to facilitate community and professional development sessions to social clubs, churches, schools, businesses and other groups at a community location or virtually. To schedule a program or staff development training and to learn more about group class fees, please contact our Education department at education@theparentingcenter.org or complete and submit the form below.