The Gift of Giving Thanks

November is the month in the United States when we celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a truly wonderful holiday because the intent of it is so very simple: to give thanks. It is a holiday which brings people to the table to share a meal and put aside differences. This is a holiday which often brings together disjointed families and even tables of strangers who share in the family of man.
This is a day when there is no expectation of gifts; there is only an expectation of community, and an expectation of giving thanks for those things that we may forget during our day to day lives.
Take a moment this month, if you aren’t already doing so, to start a new practice with the family, wherever you may be in this world, and give thanks for all that is and openly express your thanks to yourself and those in your life.
One of the resources we teach at The Parenting Center is discipline.  That is, modeling what you want your children to be; as parents model the practice of gratitude, it then becomes a practice with the children. What better gift can be given?
Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Thanksgiving are a time of heightened awareness and this in itself makes it a wonderful time. During this time, we are prompted to stop and consider all that we are thankful for and in doing so, we often realize how abundant our life is which leads us to share with others who may not have the abundance we enjoy.
The wonderful thing about creating a heightened state of awareness is that being thankful is a natural outcome, for as we become more aware, we have a greater realization of who we are and what our purpose is.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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