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Parenting Education Program in Schools

High school is one step away from adulthood.  There is no better time to talk with teens about their future and choices.  The Parenting Center is here to help both students and parents.  Our PEPS program is taught in the Health I classes of the Fort Worth and Arlington school districts. Students gain an understanding of what it means to make responsible choices, the differences in family structure, child development, and what it will take to parent in a positive and meaningful way. PEPS helps students and parents open the door to talking about some of the tough issues teen face while preparing them for the future.  To request PEPS at your school contact Kathryn Thalken at kthalken@theparentingcenter.org

What kids are saying about PEPS:

“Although the stories were unbearable, it brought it to my attention how important your talk is.  Thank You for coming!  You really are making a difference in the way children are treated and raised.”

“I actually learned more with her than any other person who talked to me about these topics.”

“I loved it!  I felt so informed with everything we were being taught.  I even shared some info with my parents.  It was a great way of learning about parenting.”
“Thank you for saving me in the future so when I have a kid I will know what to do.”