Parenting the Strong-Willed Child-Live Virtual

“Must they always challenge me?”In this class, parents learn about the different traits of temperament and how these relate to the strong-willed child. The curriculum also includes: how parent temperament and parenting style affect child behavior, effective and respectful discipline techniques for the strong-willed child, and ways to nurture the child’s positive qualities.Class meets virtually

Strengthening Communication- Live Virtual

Talking to your kids doesn't have to be so hard.Communicating feelings can be difficult for adults and children. Would you like to learn more about communication? This workshop is designed to help you and your family learn about communicating with respect.Class meets virtually from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Note: Save $10 by registering and paying in advance:

Disciplina Positival-Vivo Virtual

¿Cómo puedo disciplinar eficazmente a mi hijo mientras le demuestro amor y respeto?Esta clase les enseña a los padres cómo guiar a sus hijos hacia decisiones más inteligentes en lugar de simplemente castigar la desobediencia. Los participantes aprenderán cómo implementar opciones y consecuencias, formas de prevenir la mala conducta y cómo considerar el temperamento único

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