STEP Positive Discipline-Live Virtual

How can I effectively discipline my child while showing love and respect?This class teaches parents how to lead children toward smarter decisions rather than simply punish disobedience.  Participants will learn how to implement choices and consequences, ways to prevent misbehavior, and how to consider the child’s unique temperament when planning discipline.Class meets from 6:30-8:30 p.m.Note:

Free The Refresh: Strong-Willed Child-Live Virtual

“Must they always challenge me?”In this class, parents learn about the different traits of temperament and how these relate to the strong-willed child. The curriculum also includes: how parent temperament and parenting style affect child behavior, effective and respectful discipline techniques for the strong-willed child, and ways to nurture the child’s positive qualities.Class meets from

Criando a un Niño con TDAH (o ADHD)- en vivo virtual

Aprenda maneras efectivas para lidiar con problemas que son comunes para un niño con TDAH. La clase se reúne virtualmente de 6-8 p.m. Note: Se puede ahorrar $10 si se registra y paga en avanzado; $20 por persona vs. $30 si se registra el mismo día de la clase. Por favor únase a la reunión

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