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“Thank you for making my family strong and giving me the opportunity to go back to school. I’m so blessed, thank you TPC.”

“Fantastic organization run by someone who truly cares about the families he works with.”


“It was the best parenting class when I needed it the most!”

“It takes stress out of family life – including my relationship with my husband – when I feel empowered to discuss things without losing my patience, temper or yelling. I talked to him about what I learned from the two classes I’ve attended and we try to practice them daily.”

“The class was very beneficial to my entire family. I am more patient and think more before reacting. Communication with my kids can still be hard, but it’s improved.”


“Although the stories were unbearable, it brought it to my attention how important your talk is.  Thank You for coming!  You really are making a difference in the way children are treated and raised.”

“I actually learned more with her than any other person who talked to me about these topics.”

“I loved it!  I felt so informed with everything we were being taught.  I even shared some info with my parents.  It was a great way of learning about parenting.”

“Thank you for saving me in the future so when I have a kid I will know what to do.”


“Very happy and pleased with the love and care they showed my daughter. If I could give a 1000 star review, I would!”