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We love and cherish volunteers! There are many opportunities to help in several program areas and with our special events.

Administrative and Clerical Volunteer Opportunities: If you are task-oriented, enjoy customer service and like working in a friendly office environment, then volunteering in a clerical capacity may be a good fit for you. As an administrative volunteer, you would assist with operational responsibilities for Clinical Counseling, Empowering Families and Family Life Education.  This may subject you to sensitive information, so some training is necessary.

  • Filing—help the Family Life Education, Empowering Families and Clinical Counseling programs with any filing needs necessary.
  • Packing Bags—every week, the Family Life Education team spends time in the community teaching. It is imperative that these educators have all of the materials necessary to teach their classes.  A steady, weekly volunteer would be a great fit for this position to ensure all educators are able to be as effective as possible when teaching.
  • Data Input—The Parenting Center is working toward going paperless! To this end, we have many documents that need scanning into various databases and other systems.  This crucial volunteer would help with this process to make The Parenting Center more effective and greener!

Family Services and Support Volunteer Opportunities: When you volunteer for an opportunity in Family Services, you directly help children, parents and their loved ones, while they are building a stronger family at The Parenting Center. Working in Family Services and Support is a deeply rewarding volunteer experience where you get to make a personal impact on a family. Due to the nature of this volunteer opportunity, you may be subject to sensitive information, so training is necessary.

  • Support Group—volunteers will work directly with clients as they attend our new support groups. Because this role is directly affecting our client outcomes, all volunteers must go through training and commit to a regular schedule.
  • Summer Camp Counselors—work directly with children who attend half-day summer camps at The Parenting Center. These volunteers must undergo training and make a commitment to a regular schedule to ensure that our children have consistency in their days at TPC summer camp.
  • Reading Nights–we are seeking warm volunteers to read to our children in the evenings as they wait for their counseling appointments or their parents attend our relationship workshops. Reading sessions will take place at 5:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. on weeknights.  This crucial volunteer role will help subject our youngest clients to the power of literature!

Fundraising and Event Volunteer Opportunities: We believe that every family, despite their socioeconomic position, should have access to the right resources and tools to be the best parent they can be. To do this, we offer many of our services at low to no cost for our families and fundraising through our special events makes this possible. Fundraising and event volunteer opportunities may include helping with event sponsorships, spreading the word of the event, solicitation of auction items and volunteering at the events.  Our special events include Chip-in fore TPC (TopGolf tournament), Feast in the Fort (gala), Annual BBQ Cook Off, as well as some smaller events throughout the year.

Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities: The Parenting Center serves approximately 14,000 clients each year. With this high traffic, we are in need of some volunteers to ensure that each parent, child or loved one experiences a smooth process so they can focus on the services being provided and building a stronger family. The Parenting Center maintenance volunteer opportunities can be regular or as often as your calendar allows.

  • Room Cleaning/Toy Cleaning—our center has a cleaning crew that comes in every evening, but we often need some deep cleaning services. Our play therapy rooms have many toys that help children heal from traumatic experiences.  These toys need specific cleaning in order to ensure the safety of our children.  These services are not provided by our cleaning services and we are completely reliant on volunteers to help with this specialty cleaning.
  • Garden Club—we will transform our building in late 2018 to a warm, welcoming environment, but we would love this beautification to extend to our outdoor areas. A bi-monthly garden club will help The Parenting Center maintain an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment, so that all of our clients feel special as they enter the building.
  • Furniture moving—The Parenting Center will move our office space in late 2018 for the building renovations and we could use help relocating our furniture. We will release more details when this timeline is ready.

All volunteers must go through a background check process.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email Associate Director of Development, Chrissy Reval at creval@theparentingcenter.org.