Are you feeling sad, anxious or overwhelmed?  Do you want to be able to laugh again, enjoy time with friends, and just feel better? People who attend counseling are able to change their brain chemistry, learn healthy coping skills and live the life they want to live.

The Parenting Center offers individual, family, and couples counseling sessions with fully licensed therapists or those working under the supervision of a licensed LPC or LMFT.  Daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments may be scheduled by calling 817-332-6348.  You may also send in the forms below or fill out your information on the Contact page to have our scheduler get in touch with you.  Insurance is accepted.


Counseling is a helping process that takes place in an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and trust. It provides an opportunity to share what is on an individual’s mind with an objective person. At The Parenting Center, trained counselors provide a safe, confidential environment where individuals, couples, and families can begin to understand themselves, their behaviors, feelings and relationships. Our counselors identify tools that will help increase an individual’s level of success in solving problems on her own.

Play Therapy

For children between the ages of two and eight, a counselor at The Parenting Center may use Play Therapy as a way of helping children address and resolve problems.  This highly successful and proven procedure is a structured approach that builds upon a child’s normal methods of communication and learning by encouraging them to express their feelings through play.  Through play therapy, children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills and learn a variety of ways to relate to others.

Client Information

Please fill out the following form and bring it with you during your first visit to The Parenting Center. There are both English and Spanish versions available.

Client Information Form

Client Information Form-Spanish
Confidentiality and Fee Acknowledgement – Spanish