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Jodi's Story

“My name is [Jodi], I got married and pregnant at the age of sixteen.  My ex-husband was very verbally abusive and sometimes physically.  We have four kids together and I left him when my youngest was eight months old and she is now eight.  For seven years I raised them on my own which was very hard.  I had to work two jobs at times and hardly got to see the kids.  I am now engaged to be married to a wonderful man who is wonderful with the kids.”
“My experience at The Parenting Center has been amazing.  When I first started taking classes I had no idea it would be a life changing experience.  Before taking classes at The Parenting Center, I never stopped to realize how disciplining your children could be taken in a negative way and that there was a way to talk to your children so that they can understand what you say in a positive way.  I have now learned how to praise my children in a more positive way without them taking it as a negative praise.  Our communication is better than ever.  We can actually have conversations with reason, work together and compromise.”
“I started attending classes through The Parenting Center because the judge ordered us to take one class on teenagers.  But once I attended one class, I kept going because I was so impressed by the material used in class and what information I learned when I went to classes.  I’ve gotten a lot of useful information from The Parenting Center to take home and apply what I learned in class in order to build a healthier, loving family.  And I will continue to attend classes.  They are wonderful and very informative.”
“Without the help of The Parenting Center and their great classes I have attended, my family and I would still be dealing with anger, trust and communication issues.  The Parenting Center has given me the tools and guidance to help put my family on the right track to building a healthier environment at home.”