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Jackie's Story

Jackie - Teen ParentParenting since the age of 18 presented its own unique challenges to Jackie, a selfless mother of two, but she was determined to become the best parent her children could ever ask for. When her son turned two and his temper tantrums and shouting seemed like they would never cease, Jackie could not think of one single effective parenting method that did not appear to deepen her toddler’s frustration. Naturally, she resorted to disciplining her son the way her parents punished her, by spanking.  However, this only seemed to make her son’s arguments and outbursts worse. Single parenting was difficult enough, but parenting a child while still feeling like one was daunting beyond belief. Luckily, Jackie heard about Nurturing Parenting at The Parenting Center through her housing program and decided to enroll in the 8-week series.

Jackie began to use time outs instead of spanking and provided her son with positive attention when he made smart choices. Most importantly, Jackie learned how to teach her son the importance of kindness and patience in a way that a two year old could effectively understand and apply to everyday situations. Jackie could not believe how much better and more cooperative he had become after applying these methods. Acquiring the training through Nurturing Parenting has helped Jackie feel good about herself and proud that she can receive this opportunity to become a better parent for her children. Two weeks ago, Jackie accepted a full-time job as a dental assistant. Her new job and proactive outlook on positive parenting is a sign of her determination to give her children a brighter future. She plans to continue adding to her parenting toolbox by taking more classes at The Parenting Center.