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The Greatest Gift Catalog

In December 2009, Heather and Elliot Goldman were reading their mail. As usual, it was packed with catalogs for ALMOST everything under the sun: clothing, kitchen gadgets, toys, and sporting goods. Some of the items were useful, some unique, some beautiful…but something was missing.
For years, when friends asked what gift they wanted, Heather and Elliot would suggest a charity that could put a donation to good use. They were blessed to figure out long ago that helping others just made them feel good inside.

With all the kids’ toy catalogs spread out on the living room floor, Elliot said to Heather half jokingly, “Why is there no catalog for me?” Heather responded, “Why don’t you create one?” The second those words left her lips she realized what was about to happen. She would lose her husband for at least a year to a great new project and the country would see a whole new way of looking at holiday gifts even if he had to walk door to door delivering them himself to make it work.
That night, they sat at their kitchen table and created the donations to specific programs at multiple charities gift catalogue concept. At the end of the evening, Elliot said, “This will be the greatest gift catalog anyone has ever seen.”

There it was…the birth of the Greatest Gift Catalog Ever.
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