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The Greatest Gift Catalog

Since 1975, The Parenting Center has helped children like Michael heal from the many adversities he faced in the beginning of his life.  Often finding himself alone in his home without food on the table while his mother, who worked two jobs, was both physically and verbally abused, he began to lose hope for a brighter future.

Luckily, his circumstances changed when his mother was able to leave her situation and seek help.  Once she found herself stable, she wanted to do what was best for her child, and began counseling services at The Parenting Center.  At first Michael was resistant to speak with his therapist, but as time went on, Michael began to enjoy coming to The Parenting Center.  In fact, when he found himself faced with the opportunity to come to summer camp this year, and he begged his mom to let him attend.  Michael is currently thriving and happy, he looks forward to beginning high school and is even thinking about college someday.

Since 2009, The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever has been a vehicle for giving the gift of support to numerous, highly vetted non-profit agencies.  The Parenting Center is proud to be one of the chosen agencies, to be a part of this great collaboration this year.  As the holiday season approaches us, it is our hope that through The Greatest Gift Catalog ever, we are able to raise meaningful support for the children we serve such as Michael, so that they are able to continue seeking services at The Parenting Center for low or no cost.

This holiday season, we ask that you join us, The Parenting Center Board of Directors as we utilize the Greatest Gift Catalog to provide much needed financial support to an agency whose mission we truly believe in.

To donate today, visit HERE or click the photo above!

If you have any questions, please contact The Parenting Center’s Associate Director of Development,
Chrissy Reval at creval@theparentingcenter.org.