Data Manager

Program: Empowering Students Project

Job Summary

In this position, you will conduct regular data entry, quality checks, reliability training for coding, as well as monitor and report performance data for the Empowering Students Project (ESP). The Empowering Students Project (ESP) will provide comprehensive trauma-informed, research-based, data-driven services to improve youth relationship skills, understanding of the value of marriage, and improved budgeting skills. The target population to be served includes high-school aged youth in Tarrant County. The project is designed for youth in high school settings. There will be a special emphasis on recruiting youth who are attending alternative high schools. The Data Manager will mastermind all of the data needs for the project. The Data Manager will also be responsible for overseeing technology inventory and incentives according to agency protocols. Position includes occasional opportunity to attend evidence-based trainings, participate in local committees/coalitions that align with The Parenting Center mission, and assist in outcome evaluation.

Mission: To provide family members and professionals with the tools, resources and services to build successful families.  Our Vision: To be a catalyst for positive parenting and to END child abuse.

Requirements: One year experience in related field required; Bechelor’s degree required; no certification or licensure required. Program will train in necessary curricula.

Partial List of Qualifications/Skills:

  • Experience in data entry.
  • Mastery of Microsoft Excel, Access, and other data entry/analysis software with the ability to extract, analyze, and reconcile data; ability to build tables and reports.
  • Detail oriented and organized.
  • Ability to work under pressure and with deadlines.
  • Attend training sessions and staff meetings as directed.
  • Keep client information confidential.
  • Be responsible for timely completion of assignments.
  • Present and maintain professional appearance and
  • Strive to improve work performance.


  • Follow all agency policies and procedures.
  • Cultivate data collection and reporting processes to adhere to benchmarks and deliverables, including reporting the demographic, outcome, and evaluation data according to federal guidelines; respond to regular data requests from Project Director, staff, and partners.
  • Provide program and administrative support to Project
  • Track the purchase and disbursement of program incentives.
  • Oversee the technology resources needed for program operations and federal reporting.
  • Support the administration of nFORM and other surveys on-site at workshops as needed.

Please submit resumes to Steve Neal at sneal@theparentingcenter.orgInclude cover letter, salary requirements and specify the position for which you are applying.

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