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Bill and Maria's Story

A few years ago, Maria was preparing for one of the most important events in her life – her wedding.  Like any bride-to-be, she was very nervous.  Both Maria and her fiancé have been previously married, and they wanted their new marriage to be a success.  When the couple learned about the Twogether in Texas premarital education course from their County Clerk’s Office, they jumped at the opportunity and enrolled in the next class. (The Parenting Center managed the Twogether in Texas program throughout eleven counties in the North Texas area, as Twogether’s Regional Intermediary.)
For the anxious couple, taking the eight-hour premarital course has been “a huge step toward a better relationship and a better family.” The most valuable skill that the couple learned in the class was how to resolve conflict in blended families.  Thanks in part to the course, Maria feels very blessed to be able to interact with her step-family in a positive and healthy manner.  For example, she attends her step sons’ school activities, extended family events, and her husband’s ex-wife has even invited her to several jewelry parties!   “In this era of blended families, any positive influence of problem solving tools and conflict resolution is a great asset.”
After looking back on their three years of marriage, the couple firmly believes that without the class “the past two years would have been much more difficult.” Maria’s only regret is that she did not take a premarital course like Twogether in Texas’ in her previous relationships. Given the current divorce rate, the couple wishes all newly weds agreed to take the class.