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A Big Step for an Expectant Father

As a Case Manager for our Empowering Families Project, there are times when we see our work impacting lives in the moment
Recently I met with a client who wanted to enroll in our services.  No major issues came up as we completed the usual intake questions.  As we talked, I sensed there was something more.  I looked in the clients eyes and said, “I just feel like there is something you want to talk about!”  The client began sharing obviously painful memories about being abused by his mother and her boyfriend until he was 11 years old.  The abuse only stopped after the mother abandoned him and agreed to give up her parental rights.  He went to live with an aunt and uncle – who provided a loving and safe home throughout high school.  
The old issues were coming back now because the client and his wife were preparing for a new baby’s arrival.  The client was in tears as he shared his concern that the childhood abuse experiences will keep him from being a good father.  He wants more than anything to be a loving, caring and real father to this child.  We were able to provide him with counseling services that will help ensure he can be the kind of man and father he wants to be and that he can have help leaving those issues in the past.
I am proud to be a part of The Parenting Center where we provide family members the tools, resources and services to build successful families.